Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Holidays Around the World

Does your community celebrate the holidays with any annual traditions? We're not referring to big sales on toys or clothes, but to those old-timey opportunities for folks to gather, to laugh and to sing the songs of the season. Beth & Scott's program, Happy Holidays Around the World, now in its fifteenth year, once again brings the perfect mixture of ingredients to please everyone at your school.

"First, we gather together," says Scott Bierko. "children, parents and teachers, creating a real sense of community. Second, we provide the audience with a super-fun show with important educational content, multiple styles of music, a brightly colored set and lots of on-stage participation by the kids and the adults. Lastly, we mix in a sense of warmth and just enough love to leave the audience smiling."

Beth & Scott and Friends teach kids that we may be different on the outside, but inside we're all very much the same.

"Like Scott says in the show," remarks Beth Bierko, "We gather to give light to the darkest time of the year, by sharing food, exchanging presents and giving thanks for all that we have. Mostly, we travel great distances to be with the people we love - family and old friends. I think of that word, "community" and see it's about how we come together throughout the world to create a oneness that's at the heart of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas".

Happy Holidays Around the World brings together songs that everyone can dance and sing to, humor that tickles even the most serious of teachers and a sense of connection that makes for lifelong memories. As one principal recently said, "You are a tradition at our school. If I ever thought of not booking you - the teachers would get rid of me!"

Find out why so many schools ring in the holidays with Beth & Scott and Friends' show, Happy Holidays Around the World. It might be the best present you can give your kids this year.

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