Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Can't Find My Gloves

Can’t Find My Gloves
(to the tune of “Can’t Buy Me Love” by Lennon & McCartney)
New Lyrics By Scott Bierko Copyright 2011 Bierko Productions

Can’t find my gloves
Can’t find my gloves
Can’t find my gloves

I want to go outside and make snow angels in the snow
I want to take a ride on my new sleigh but I can’t go
No I can’t go so says my mommy
‘Cause I can’t find my gloves

I want to build a snowman but my hands will get too cold
I want to have a snowball fight but I can’t so I’ve been told
No I can’t go so says my mommy
‘Cause I can’t find my gloves

Can’t find my gloves
Until I find ‘em I can’t go
Can’t find my gloves
No, no, no, no

I’ve looked around and up and down everywhere that I could think
I’m not gonna wear my sister’s gloves they’re  little and they’re pink
Then I can’t go so says my mommy
‘Cause I can’t find my gloves


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