Saturday, November 26, 2011

10 Ways to Live Below Your Means

This is a guest post from my other Blog, "Learning Money".

1. Identify and cut those expenses that are “leaky holes”, things like magazine or movie subscriptions or even the health club if you don’t use it. 

2. Don’t dine or snack out. Bag your lunch and if you must snack, pack drinks and munchies in your bag or car.

3. Avoid impulse purchases. Anything that costs over $100 should be put off for 1-2 weeks to determine if you REALLY need it. 

4. Don’t upgrade anything electronic to the latest and greatest unless it’s necessary.

5. Spend less on gifts at the stores and more time making cards, writing poems or songs and expressing your feelings without spending money on your loved ones.

6. When you go to the grocery store or any store for that matter, buy what’s on your list and then LEAVE.

7. Use the library instead of buying books online or for your e-reader. Trade books with friends and family, too!

8. Buy used stuff, especially cars.

9. Drive less. Consolidate your trips. Drive slower to save gas. Better yet, take a bike, a walk or just stay put.

10. Get re-interested in learning, in enjoying what you already have and hanging out with your family. Play games, be creative, keep up with friends or write in a journal. The more time we spend not spending is money saved and a life well-lived.


AmyC said...

How True, Scott! Dinners with friends are the best way to entertain ourselves, I find, with music-making included!

Blake Rowe said...

But, but, but, that new version is so shiny! Look, it sparkles! The light is so beautiful.... Must buy, must buy...

Patricia said...

I agree with all you said but would lower the $100 threshold to $40. And the most important part of this? WALK AWAY. If you REALLY need or want it, go back later. Impulse buying is just that; let the feeling of "want" be overtaken by "need" using the tool of Time.

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