Saturday, October 15, 2011

Top of the Charts

The programs receiving the most inquiries and bookings this year are “The Golden Rule Show”, “Do the Right Thing” and “Creating a New Hit Song”. Obviously, character education is big and getting bigger. Luckily, we’ve got three programs that can serve that need and shower lots of praise on the cultural arts representative who books it for her school.

“The Golden Rule Show” is for preK-2nd grade. It’s interactive, musical and very funny, but it’s message is serious and important: we can have peaceful relationships, classrooms, schools and communities when we treat one another with respect and kindness. Click here for a video interview with Beth and Scott about “Golden Rule”.

“Do the Right Thing” is for 3rd-6th grade. While the younger kids are receiving messages about listening, sharing and anti-bullying, the older kids get a much more sophisticated show that shows them how to build courage in themselves, interact with others and avoid the perils of peer pressure. You can click here to receive a more in-depth description from Beth and Scott.

“Creating a New Hit Song” is a song writing workshop program that grows in popularity every year. As more schools recognize that hands-on experience “sticks” more with children, they turn to programs like “Hit Song” that empower their kids with 21st Century Learning Standards (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity). All four of these standards are a HUGE part of a workshop program. Click here for a video testimonial and some sample songs.

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