Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Ways to Improve Assemblies

When booking an artist into your school, we recommend that you follow these simple tips:

1. Coordinate your efforts with key teachers and/or the principal. Collaborating with them will create trust and, in some cases, inspire the teachers to help you write grants for more programs! Ask them what they want the children to learn, what programs they remember as being successful and which ones didn’t work – and why!

2. Confirm your program and location with the artists 1-2 days prior to the performance date. The worst assembly is the one that doesn’t happen because of a mix up with dates or driving directions. The confirmation call is also a good time to recheck any needs (tables, sound systems, etc.)

3. Schedule the room! If another group (such as the orchestra, band or theater group) is scheduled to use the stage or gym directly before or after the performance, discuss this with the artist. Depending upon the artists’ setup and breakdown needs, you may have to alter who can use the room.
4. Confer with the custodian prior to the program. A custodian is responsible for providing the artists with access to the building, carts to load in their equipment, and a clean and orderly stage and audience area. Treating your custodians with respect and praise will enhance the artists’ and the student’s experience!
5. Always, always have a principal or staff member introduce the artists. A good introduction includes a word or two about proper audience behavior and sets the tone for welcoming visitors into your school.

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