Friday, October 14, 2011

Bringing Books to Life

Does your school celebrate PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) or do you have a mandate from your principal to support reading in your cultural arts programs? If so, then read on…

Beth & Scott and Friends have been actively engaged in developing readers for nearly 20 years. We are storytellers, actors and singers who take books from the library shelves and turn them into interactive songs where the children play roles onstage alongside the performers. How’s that for making books come to life!

“Singable Stories from Around the World”, first developed in 1995, is full of exciting tales that engage children K-6 just like a great book – with two important distinctions: first, we are musicians, so our stories are sung; and second, we involve the children in the stories, giving them an opportunity to create a connection to diverse cultures and stories through theater .

“Singable Stories” is performed in front of a large and colorful map of the world, so your children will learn geography, too. Featured stories include: The Empty Pot (China); The Best Food (India);and It Could Always Be Worse (Russia). Schools can also elect to have Beth & Scott write a new song for their school, so please contact us with your ideas!

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